Bands in Houston This Weekend and How to See the Best

Houston has some really talented live bands. Just look through any of the “music rags” and you’ll find hundreds of clubs with multiple bands sharing the stage on the same night. You’ll see any number of open mic nights around town. The scene is crowded with cover bands, tribute acts, and original artists. So, how do you decide who to see? We’ll give you a few pointers which will help you decide.

    Figure Out What Type of Music Suits Your Mood

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Simple as it sounds, our moods change sometimes from one moment to the next. You may make plans early in the week only to find that by Friday, you’re just not feeling the same. Keep some current local music publications and browse through them during the day. Whether you’re hankering for Death Metal or Acoustic Ballads, you’ll be able to find a group or artist performing in a venue which is just right for you.

    Do a Musical Buffet


One of the best approaches ever is the “Musical Buffet”. This is especially nice for a date night. Plan your evening in stages according to how you think things will go. If you’re planning on dancing, do it earlier when you have more energy. In Houston, most live music and dance venues will be farther out. You could start there and work your way in. It might be a good idea to end the night with lighter music at a lower volume so you and your date can converse easier.

    Stray from the Beaten Path


You will find some great live bands in places you may never expect. In Houston, there are several restaurants which feature live entertainment. Give them your patronage and they’ll give you a good time. Look for special events such as Festivals, Grand Openings, Meet and Greets, Rallies, and even the Farmers’ Market. These are often held during the day on a Saturday or Sunday, which will leave your evening and night open for seeing other bands. Many people will get in a rut and go to the same places to watch the same groups over and over again. Don’t let this happen to you. Have a sense of adventure and stray from the beaten path. Your next great discovery awaits.

Even with hundreds of bands playing this weekend, choosing who to see is easier than you think. Remember, it’s a process. You may not hit a home run with your choices every single time, and that’s okay. You’ll soon figure out what works for you. Even if it takes a while, be patient. At some point, your weekends will become more fun filled as your musical taste buds are satisfied. With these tips, you’ll pack more into two days than you ever imagined.