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Black Tie Affair is one of the Best Houston Wedding Bands for hire. Make your special day even better with music. From soft background dining music to upbeat dance songs, we transition easily into whatever is needed. Our typical wedding package is three one hour sets with two half hour breaks between sets. Our vast playlist includes standards and oldies, Disco, Classic Rock, Country, Top 40, Dance, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. If you have special requests, we can do those as well with sufficient notice. Our goal is to keep your guests dancing.

During breaks, we will provide recorded music for your guests to keep things lively. We will also emcee your events and make announcements. We can help you cover all the bases.

Houston Live Bands – How to Hire the Right One!

Stage Volume: Is the Band Too Loud?
Even the best Houston Wedding Bands can suffer problems with stage volume, leaving guests to suffer alongside them. It’s a problem that can absolutely ruin your wedding. So, how can you make sure that you hire the right band?

Most Houston live bands come from performing in crowded and noisy nightclubs. It’s simply part of the job and – let’s face it: musicians have to work. The downside is that playing at a high volume becomes a hard routine to break. Black Tie Affair has the added advantage of playing the widest array of venues imaginable. We understand that your Wedding is the most important day of your life, you don’t want it ruined by the band you hired. Wedding Band music is an art form unto itself, requiring years of experience to master. The professional musicians of Black Tie Affair have decades of real life, first hand knowledge and involvement. That is what we bring to your Wedding and Reception. We understand that guests need to be able to converse freely and should never have to talk over the music. Our extended team includes a full time professional Sound and Lighting Technician who walks around the room all during the Wedding Reception to monitor sound levels and makes adjustments accordingly.

Houston Wedding Bands Music

The Repertoire: Does It Work for Your Wedding?
When deciding which band to hire for your wedding, you will definitely want to check out the group’s repertoire. What works for a Corporate Event or Private Party will most likely not work for your wedding. If a group plays nothing but one genre of music, you will definitely lose a portion of your guests. The Black Tie Affair repertoire is one of the widest and most diverse in the wedding band industry. Our song list cuts across all demographic lines and includes something for everyone. All age groups enjoy the variety we provide at weddings.

Houston Tribute Bands and Theme Bands – Good or Bad Idea?

Tribute bands and theme bands are awesome at what they do. With some of the most amazing performances you’ll ever see, how could it possibly be wrong to hire one of these acts for your wedding? The simple answer is that there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. While a single “themed set” can add novelty to the gathering, it can get old quickly. Targeting a very specific niche is never a good idea when hiring a band for your wedding. We can customize our sets to include themed songs or Tribute Mini Sets. For example, our KC & the Sunshine Band medley goes over extremely well with all ages at every wedding reception. We watch young and old alike getting out on the dance floor and staying there!

Learn How We Can Help Make Your Houston Wedding and Reception Even Better

Black Tie Affair is one of the Best Houston Wedding Bands on the scene. We will eliminate the stress of hiring the right group of musicians. Aren’t there enough stressful things you have to contend with already? With one phone call you can rest easy, knowing that you hired the perfect band for your Wedding.

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