Houston Wedding Bands…There Is a Difference

Houston wedding bands are a breed unto themselves. This is because a
couple’s wedding day is the most important day of their lives. The
pressure on everyone involved in the planning and performing is
tremendous. This is especially true for musicians hired to provide
music for the ceremony and reception. So, how does one find the right
musical group for a wedding or reception?

houston-wedding-bands-music-jpgThe best Houston cover bands are not always found in nightclubs. Going from bar to bar searching for one suitable to your needs will likely end in frustration. Even if you find an outstanding act playing in a local hot spot, will they be the best choice for your wedding? Here’s a great example…

An 80s cover band Houston residents know well was hired to perform at a wedding recently. The first few songs went off without a hitch and everyone was having a great time. However, with each new set of the old songs, people began losing interest. Young and old alike, who had been dancing, simply sat it out for the majority of the performance. There simply was not enough variety for everyone.

Bands in Houston this weekend will be playing all genres of music. From
tribute bands to all original groups, all styles will be represented.
And then, there are variety bands who will play a mixture of several
formats. This is a great place to start because of the diversity of
material. But is that enough?

Houston party band Black Tie Affair has earned a solid reputation forbest-houston-wedding-bands-jpg
not only having the most comprehensive repertoire, but also for its
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hire for your wedding day. Not just any group of musicians can adapt
to different performance settings.

Local Houston bands will often spend the majority of their weekends
playing the club scene. In their spare time, they will attempt to pick
up wedding gigs chasing the “easy money”. Black Tie Affair is a wedding,
corporate event, and private party band. While the group will perform
at local nightclubs, this is not its mainstay. Rather, these engagements
are a great place for the general population to hear the group and to
test a new show on a live audience.

Bands playing in Houston bear the responsibility of selecting their
audiences. No band can be all things to all people. However, groups
can and should decide where their focus will be. Black Tie Affair
was formed as a variety band with a focus on weddings, corporate events,
and private parties. As such, the group covers all the bases and adapts
to the needs of any gathering. For more information, please visit the
bands website at www.blacktieaffairband.net