All That Is Old Is New…Again.

Recently, we went into the studio to record audio clips for our website. The list of songs was a mixture of current hits and older classics. To be honest, we were all excited to be recording such a diverse group of songs.

From “Play That Funky Music” and “Brick House” to “Shout” and “Johnny B. Good”, there was just something fun about playing the classics. We enjoy the new music, make no mistake. It’s great getting to play songs you hear on Top 40 radio stations. It keeps us young and current. However, we are far stricter with our arrangements and play things as close to the original recordings as possible. On older tunes, we get to put a little more of our spin on things.

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We find there’s an interesting occurrence when we perform classics. Our audiences are generally multi-generational, with varying musical tastes. The younger people in the crowd aren’t as familiar with the older songs, and we get to introduce them in a whole new way. By spreading our musical wings just a bit, they become new songs all over. All that is old is new again.